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Become Parents of Our Adorable Vizsla Pups

The better the competition Vizsla, the better the family pet.

CK Breeding Puppy Goals:
The Most Healthy
The Most Athletic
The Most Intelligent
And the Best and Sweetest Personality

puppy with mummi

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Please view this sample of an evaluation of a litter of CK puppies. These pups are not available, but view this as a sample of how we will test your future puppy for differences in color, size, and markings; and most importantly, personality and energy level.

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New Puppy Checklist:

  • Puppy Food: Recommended: Pro Pac Puppy Food. We also recommend TruDog Booster, a freeze-dried raw meat additive to sprinkle on top of kibble, increasing protein levels from 30% to 40%. Both are available online at; with home delivery at reasonable prices.
  • Puppy Treats: Small-sized treats for puppy training; raw or natural foods are recommended.
  • Water and Food Bowls
  • Safe Toys: Toys that can't be torn up, chewed up, or swallowed and have no fillers or foam inside.
  • Bed: Recommend: They are very durable.
  • Crate: Not too roomy for potty training; medium or 400" in size.
  • Collar: 10 to 14 inches, expandable, and a leash too.
  • Puppy ID Tag: We will log the microchip number in the AKC national pet search program for your pet: AKC Reunite at
  • Pet Shampoo
  • Dog Grooming Brush: Medium Furminator removes loose hair.
  • Flea Control Products
  • Pooper Scooper
  • Carpet Stain Remover: Use pet stain products to kill the smell.
  • Training DVDs: puppy training DVD.
  • Perfection Kennel Training: 4 DVDs that are great for bird hunting and training,
  • Brian Gingrich: Field trial trainer/handler available for your competition hunting Vizsla (815) 222-0097
a close-up photo of a brown puppy

Disease Prevention:

Puppies are susceptible to many diseases in your home environment. He/she has been given two puppy shots that will start to protect the puppy from parvo, distemper, coronavirus, and more. However, they are not completely protected until they have received their final (4th) puppy shot. We complete 2 puppy shots. Please continue with your veterinarian to complete the full 4 shots. Until the shots are completed, avoid dog parks, strange dogs, strange piles of feces, and areas inhabited with excessive rodent and raccoon populations. Clean all toys purchased from stores that allow dogs on the premises prior to giving them to your new puppy. Family dogs that you know are vaccinated and your clean backyard are good for the puppy.

The National Vizsla Association

We recommend this national organization if you are interested in keeping informed on the Vizsla breed in America today. Many of the winning dogs in this magazine/website are related to your Country Side Kennel Vizsla. A brochure is included in the puppy packet.

puppy with towel
dog with gate

Pet Transport:

For customers purchasing our puppies, you are always welcome to come to the kennel for a visit after 6 weeks of age and to pick up your puppy at nine weeks of age at the Kentucky or Illinois kennel. We are always happy to show the kennel, dog parents, and staff.

However, if you live very far away from either kennel and don't want to make the long drive, several transport options are available. Airport cargo shipping is available but currently, with COVID restrictions, very difficult to achieve. Many of our customers are flying into either the Moline, II airport, MLI or the Paducah, KY airport, PAD then taking their puppy back home in coach. This works very well. A soft crate of a 15-inch height is needed and a health certificate from our veterinarian.

The second option is to hire a private transport company to pick up the puppy and deliver them to your home or a location close to your home. I will list companies that we have worked with and achieved good, professional results.

Irene Pickron 309-230-2984
Debra's Pet Transport 270-206-8804
David Big Sky Pet Transport 920-309-7709
Susie Pet Transport 503-910-0492
Eric Cross Country Pet Transport 716-331-2367
When using pet transport services, contact them as soon as possible to organize your delivery.

Visit Your Veterinarian:

We gave your puppy the first TWO puppy shots and wormed them with Ivermectin. A record of this is in your puppy packet. Show this record to your veterinarian on your puppy's first visit. It will help in the coordination of future treatments. The puppy will need a total of 4 puppy shots approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart to have full protection from parvo, distemper, and coronavirus. We handle all medication with great care. I am an RN and highly experienced and supported by our veterinarian, with quality medications and proper administration. We do not recommend the addition of lepto live virus medication to vaccinations when receiving their puppy shots. Give the lepto at a later date. We highly recommend a monthly heartworm medication with Ivermectin as its key ingredient. This medication is great for heartworm prevention and is also superb for good skin health in Vizslas. Heart Guard has this ingredient.

puppy with towel
2 dogs playing

Crate Training/House Breaking:

Crate training is a great tool to get your puppy house broke. There are many books, articles, and YouTube videos that show the whole process. We won't get into the detailed process, but we will give you some tips to be successful. Consistency is the key to housebreaking. If you have raised a 2-year-old child, you will have a good idea of what to do. The baby goes to sleep at 8 pm. The baby gets up at 8 am, and the baby eats at etc., etc. You get the idea. The more consistent you are in your daily activities, the more successful you'll be.

It is very hard for the puppy to be in a crate for over 4 hours at a time, excluding the nighttime hours. A Vizsla puppy locked up in a crate for 8 to 10 hours a day will become a "crazed wild dog." Activity is important and too much time in the box is very hard on them. In the beginning, keep the crate small. We recommend a "medium" or 400 size crate. After about 2 months, you can buy the pretty open wire crate in a size for an adult dog. Keep the crate very clean. In the beginning, the pup may soil his crate. The puppy has a small bladder, so don't make a big deal of it. Just clean the box thoroughly with a strong-smelling cleaner. Be dedicated to keeping the bedding clean, and the pup will eventually stop. Until this period of training is over, we would recommend using old towels for bedding. Save the fancy expensive pad for later.

If the puppy makes a mistake in the house, clean it up with a paper towel, and place the paper towel outside where you want him to do his business, then clean the original soil spot with a strong-smelling cleanser. Killing the scent is the key, but create the smell where you want the puppy to go. The puppy will smell the scent on the paper towel out in the yard and realize that this is his potty spot.

In our flyer "Puppy To-Do List," we recommended Cesar Milan's puppy DVD. We will mention it again: as for puppy training, this DVD is loaded with great advice on housebreaking and many tips on how to start your puppy right.